Why a pool fence is important?

Pool Fences

Pool Fences

Pool fences are a requirement in every town.  Primary reason is to protect small children.  Whether you have taught your child the issue of safety other children may visit your home who are not good swimmers or do not understand pool safety.  Also, viagra order it is required by insurance companies.

Not all pool fences are created and installed the same with quality and integrity.  This is not the type of fencing project in which to cut corners.

It still takes skill to install a quality fence

Custom fencingCustom fencing doesn’t come in a box from a discount store. Here is Joe, a twenty year veteran, adding a custom picket topper to a Walpole style board fence in the Southport Historic District.

High Quality Vinyl Fencing

Hard for me to say, since we are known for our decorative wood fences but we are more than happy to furnish and install high quality vinyl fencing. Being a “purist” for years I was opposed to working in vinyl however over the years my opinion has changed greatly.  What I have found is give a quality product by a reputable supplier with attention to detail during installation our vinyl jobs have the look and durabilty that make us proud.

Photos from recent vinyl fence installation in Fairfield.

vinyl fence ornamental transition...

vinyl fence ornamental transition

tongue and groove vinyl fence with decorative topper....

tongue and groove vinylfence with decorative picket topper

vinyl fence in Fairfield

vinyl picket fence..even I have to double check to make sure it’s not wood

6 reasons winter is a great time to think about your fence project

Anastasio Fence Company fixes fences in the winter

Anastasio Fence Company fixes fences in the winter.

As the weather turns colder, it’s easy to turn our attention away from the outdoors. We spend less time in our yards and let some of our projects linger. But your fence doesn’t need to be one of them. Here’s why:

  1. Great time to get new fence estimates. During the summer our business is in full swing. We have multiple crews out doing fence installations from New Canaan to Fairfield. Scheduling time for an estimate becomes more challenging. Once winter starts, our time starts to free up, so getting us out to do an estimate is easy to schedule.
  2. We still install fences during the winter. Winter fence construction is as easy to do in winter as it is in the summer. My crews are the most talented fence installers in Connecticut. That means I need to keep them busy year-round or lose them to other contractors.
  3. Our prices are better. Since demand drops in Fairfield County for fence lumber and labor in the winter time, we are able to pass those savings on to our customers.
  4. Less disruption. You use your yard more during the warmer months than the rest of the year. When it’s cold outside we can get the job done while you are warm inside your house. The fence will be ready for you to enjoy as soon as the weather starts getting warmer.
  5. Fence repairs. Westport, Weston, Darien, Fairfield and all up the coast were hard hit by Tropical Storm Irene and the October Nor’Easter. It’s likely your fence experienced some level of damage. Anastasio Fence repairs fences of all types, even if we didn’t install it. Plus, all the other points above apply to repairs.
  6. Mailbox posts. So this isn’t really a fence project, but it’s a fact of life in Fairfield County. Snow plows seem to aim for mailbox posts. Did you know it’s a federal law to have a mailbox? We keep an inventory of decorative mailbox posts in stock so we can get your mailbox back in place.

Even though it’s winter, there is no reason to stop your fence project from moving forward. Give us a call today.

Fairfield and Westport Pergola Installations

A pergola in Westport

Westport Pergola

Many people don’t realize it, but we design and install customer pergolas. A pergola adds to the aesthetic of your existing landscaping, patio or pool area. A properly designed pergola will renew your land. We meet with our clients to discuss their needs and how they want to use their new pergola. Our craftsmen design and build each new pergola to the customer’s specifications. Each of our pergolas is made from the highest grade cedar to ensure long-lasting beauty for your property. Below are just a few of the pergolas we install in Fairfield and Westport over the past summer. Let us design one for you today.

A pergola installed in Fairfield

Pergola In Fairfield

Pergola design in Fairfield

Pergola in Fairfield

Walpole-style fence installation in Westport

Walpole Fence in Westport

A walpole design fence in Westport

One of our more popular fence installations is the Walpole-look. And for great reason. The styling is timeless complimenting your property, ambulance it provides a high degree of privacy and the construction is meant to stand the test of time and weather in New England. Our installers have decades of experience working with the Walpole style. The fence is constructed using high grade cedar lumber, so it will look fantastic stained or left natural.

Do I install fences in Westport? You bet!

Ed Kuryluk
Right Mind Marketing
Fairfield CT

Hey Ed,

You asked if I had installed any fences in Westport recently….so…I checked my files. Sure enough I’ve done a few. We’ve installed custom wood fences, deer fencing, pool fences and more. Just take a look at all the photos below from the past 12 months! Is this enough? Well actually it isn’t because we always want to do more.

A.Anastasio Fence Company
Fairfield, CT

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The ground is not frozen in Westport?

Repair a fence in WestportThe big question asked by friend and customers alike is…..”isn’t the ground frozen”…..no it is not…nor has it been. This is southern Connecticut, if we were 35 miles to the south we would be a mid-Atlantic state. In fact since the snow has begun to melt we have been hard at work. Here is the crew working in Westport on their fourth major installation of the season. Judging by the calls I think that the first part of the year is going to be very busy….so don’t wait for the warm weather call now and take advantage of our “winter rates”.

Anastasio Fence Company fixes fences in the winter
Fence Repair in Westport

Fences add curb appeal

For the outside…as we all know “curb appeal” is one of the elements. Picket fence for curb appealthat separates the houses that sell quickly and those that languish on the market. In order to assist those in the Real Estate profession I am willing to offer my service and “eye” to assist in the exterior staging process. A small picket fence in front may be just the homey touch that is needed to make that “sold” sign appear. On corner properties a privacy fence may be needed to create that all important “kid friendly” yard. Sometime replacing an odd post or two may eliminate an older fence from becoming a “bargaining point”. I would also be more than happy to give a preliminary plan to make a yard “kid and pet proof”. I have been offering this service to my personal friends in the business for years. The one constant in business and in life…. is that you can never have enough friends…

Tony Anastasio
Anastasio Fence