6 reasons winter is a great time to think about your fence project

Anastasio Fence Company fixes fences in the winter

Anastasio Fence Company fixes fences in the winter.

As the weather turns colder, it’s easy to turn our attention away from the outdoors. We spend less time in our yards and let some of our projects linger. But your fence doesn’t need to be one of them. Here’s why:

  1. Great time to get new fence estimates. During the summer our business is in full swing. We have multiple crews out doing fence installations from New Canaan to Fairfield. Scheduling time for an estimate becomes more challenging. Once winter starts, our time starts to free up, so getting us out to do an estimate is easy to schedule.
  2. We still install fences during the winter. Winter fence construction is as easy to do in winter as it is in the summer. My crews are the most talented fence installers in Connecticut. That means I need to keep them busy year-round or lose them to other contractors.
  3. Our prices are better. Since demand drops in Fairfield County for fence lumber and labor in the winter time, we are able to pass those savings on to our customers.
  4. Less disruption. You use your yard more during the warmer months than the rest of the year. When it’s cold outside we can get the job done while you are warm inside your house. The fence will be ready for you to enjoy as soon as the weather starts getting warmer.
  5. Fence repairs. Westport, Weston, Darien, Fairfield and all up the coast were hard hit by Tropical Storm Irene and the October Nor’Easter. It’s likely your fence experienced some level of damage. Anastasio Fence repairs fences of all types, even if we didn’t install it. Plus, all the other points above apply to repairs.
  6. Mailbox posts. So this isn’t really a fence project, but it’s a fact of life in Fairfield County. Snow plows seem to aim for mailbox posts. Did you know it’s a federal law to have a mailbox? We keep an inventory of decorative mailbox posts in stock so we can get your mailbox back in place.

Even though it’s winter, there is no reason to stop your fence project from moving forward. Give us a call today.

The ground is not frozen in Westport?

Repair a fence in WestportThe big question asked by friend and customers alike is…..”isn’t the ground frozen”…..no it is not…nor has it been. This is southern Connecticut, if we were 35 miles to the south we would be a mid-Atlantic state. In fact since the snow has begun to melt we have been hard at work. Here is the crew working in Westport on their fourth major installation of the season. Judging by the calls I think that the first part of the year is going to be very busy….so don’t wait for the warm weather call now and take advantage of our “winter rates”.

Anastasio Fence Company fixes fences in the winter
Fence Repair in Westport

Fence Maintenance: The Time is Now.

Fence Maintenance

Winter is the best time to perform fence maintenance

Ah! spring is in the air…I can tell by the falling snow. It may sound like acontradiction but in reality a harsh winter means a busy spring at least in fence world. The severe winter weather hastens the aging process of a fence. Many of those older fences that survived last years wind storms have secumbed to this years heavy snows.

Some fences can be repaired others will need replacement. In order to get good service at the best terms I would advise the homeowner to start the process early…Mid February would be my advice, especially for the smaller repair jobs. Due to the seasonal nature of the fence business the repairs and smaller jobs take a “back seat” position during the always busy mid spring to late summer season, when many of the new large installations are completed. Yes I want to replace the broken section…yes I will fix that gate…but please, it is extremely difficult to do in late May when we have numerous pool fences in the works…..We can work with some snow on the ground, we can work when it’s 30 degrees outside. The ground does not freeze, at least not enough to make a difference to us. In fact the early snow actually acts as an insulator and keeps the ground relatively soft. So give us a call if you need our help.