Fence Maintenance: The Time is Now.

Fence Maintenance

Winter is the best time to perform fence maintenance

Ah! spring is in the air…I can tell by the falling snow. It may sound like acontradiction but in reality a harsh winter means a busy spring at least in fence world. The severe winter weather hastens the aging process of a fence. Many of those older fences that survived last years wind storms have secumbed to this years heavy snows.

Some fences can be repaired others will need replacement. In order to get good service at the best terms I would advise the homeowner to start the process early…Mid February would be my advice, especially for the smaller repair jobs. Due to the seasonal nature of the fence business the repairs and smaller jobs take a “back seat” position during the always busy mid spring to late summer season, when many of the new large installations are completed. Yes I want to replace the broken section…yes I will fix that gate…but please, it is extremely difficult to do in late May when we have numerous pool fences in the works…..We can work with some snow on the ground, we can work when it’s 30 degrees outside. The ground does not freeze, at least not enough to make a difference to us. In fact the early snow actually acts as an insulator and keeps the ground relatively soft. So give us a call if you need our help.